Understanding Surah Ya-Seen (Part 1) - After Asr

Overnight Program, at Masjid Quba, Ridgeway, JHB on June 7, 2014

Virtues, 4 Concepts of Aqidah, Brief Overview of all 5 Rukus

The heart is really the focus & the essence of anything... & the heart of the Qur'an is Surah Ya-Seen! Its virtues abound upon the living, the dying & the deceased... Connect & draw deeply from its jewels & gems! This Surah is like a summary of the teachings of the entire Qur'an & comprises of 4 main concepts of 'Aqeedah (belief). Reason being.. It is ONLY from a heart of CORRECT 'Aqeedah that correct actions emanate & THEN carry reward. ..If the heart is sound, the actions will be sound & profitable & if the heart is corrupt then the deeds are corrupted. Our Nabi (S.A.W’s) desire... that each Ummati puts this 'heart' into his heart (ie. memorises Surah Ya-Seen).

Duration: 00:37

Tags: Allah, Aqidah, belief, concepts, dying, entire, essence, focus, gems, Heart, jewels, living, Nabi, Quran, reward, Surah, teachings, understanding, Virtues, ya-seen, yaseen

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