Be part of Auspicious Gatherings

Jumuah, at Stanger on May 30, 2014

Allah SWT loves & desires that His believing servants be united, like a father desires his sons to be united. Believers must gather together for the noble purpose of His Remembrance (Zikrullah), for the development of their Imaan, to acquire knowledge, to spread the Deen of Islam & to have fikr for humanity & mankind. These gatherings are greatly loved by Allah SWT, cause the Mercy of Allah to descend & are highly rewardable. We should attend these gatherings even if it is for a short while, so that we may draw from the blessings of these gatherings.

Duration: 00:30

Tags: acquire, Allah, auspicious, believing, Blessings, deen, descend, desires, development, Fikr, gather, gatherings, Humanity, imaan, islam, knowledge, loves, mankind, Mercy, part, remembrance, rewards, servants, spread, together, united, Zikrullah

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