Obstacles in Tasawuf - Involuntary conditions

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on May 5, 2014

Amongst the common obstacles in the path of Sulook is to be distracted by something beyond one's control (Umoor Ghair Ikhtiyaariyah)... like the desire to be on a spiritual high or to feel a softening of the heart or that the mind must be 'totally absorbed' in Salaah & not drift 'at all'. We are Abdul Lateef, not Abdul ‘Lutf’ (slaves of enjoyment)! Chasing after these Kayfiyaat is a HUGE obstacle of the path & has negative spiritual consequences... frustration, irritation, constant worry, physical illness, spiritual deterioration & even the loss of confidence in one's Shaikh. Allah Ta'ala makes Tarbiyyah of His servants in different ways. A Saalik should never compare himself/herself with the next person - each ones 'route' to reach Allah is different. Some travel along the ‘Garden Route’, others reach through the ‘Karoo’, the destination is one. Develop an understanding of this path, eliminate this obstacle; Kayfiyaat or no Kayfiyaat, we need to stick to our road to reach the destination.

Duration: 00:47

Tags: Abdul Lateef, Abdul Luft, absorbed, Allah, beyond, chasing, control, destination, deterioration, different, distracted, eliminate, enjoyment, frustration, garden, Heart, high, illness, irritation, karoo, kayfiyaat, obstacles, path, physical, route, Saalik, Salaah, servant, Shaikh, slaves, spiritual, sulook, tarbiyyah, Tasawwuf, worry

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