Advices to University Students - UKZN

Jumuah, at University of KZN (Howard College Campus) on February 14, 2014

Study hard - Play hard - Pray hard. On entering university we find ourselves in a new environment with endless freedom and possibilities. We can either use these opportunities to our benefit and gain success or misuse them which will lead to our downfall. The focus of discussion is to highlight certain issues in order to prepare the student for the year ahead. How did the Ummah of the past reach such days of ascendancy? Ruling for centuries on end and being at the forefront of every imaginable field of study. The importance of intention, the challenges faced by students, how to channel the youthful spirit and energy in the right direction, benefits of role models and mentors and more are explored, mapping out a plan to a successful university career both academically and Islamic.

Duration: 00:34

Tags: academically, advices, ascendancy, benefit, career, challenges, endless, environment, freedom, hard, Islamic, misuse, new, opportunities, play, possibilities, spirit, students, study, success, university, youthful

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