Bringing happiness to the heart of a Muslim – Part 1

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 31, 2014

Amongst the great A’maal & deeds in Islam is to bring happiness to the heart of a fellow Muslim. Ibadaah is not confined to certain acts of Salaah, Zakaah, Fasting, Zikr, etc. but rather the scope of Ibadaah is very wide in Islam. Good manners, good dealings, good conduct & excellent behaviour towards others are acts of Ibadaah wherein lies tremendous benefits & rewards. To bring happiness to a human being, especially to a Muslim is a noble act & is a high reward in Dunya & Aakhirah. We should strive to become those who benefit, server, assist & bring happiness so that on the Day of Qiyamah Allah will guarantee us happiness

Duration: 00:31

Tags: Aakhirah, amaal, behaviour, benefit, bringing, conduct, confined, dealings, dunya, fasting, good, happiness, Heart, ibadaah, islam, manners, Muslim, Qiyamah, reward, Salaah, scope, strive, wide, Zakaat, zikr

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