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Zikr Majlis, at Durban on November 7, 2013

Explanation of the Poetry of Aarif Billah, Hz Ml Shah Hakeem Muhammed Akhtar RAH relating to the Ma’rifah & Muhabbat of Allah SWT & the Ishq & love of Nabi Muhammed SAW. Hazrat RAH mentions the importance of the Zikr of Allah SWT & how beautiful, tasty, sweet & enjoyable it is. The person who gets the sweetness of Allah’s name will feel like he is in a garden whilst the one who forgets the Zikr & obedience of Allah SWT will feel like he is in a deserted house. The gatherings of Zikrullah are the gardens of Jannah.

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Tags: Aarif Billah, Akhtar, Allah, Beautiful, enjoyable, gardens, Hakeem, importance, ishq, jannah, ma'rifah, Muhabbat, Muhammed, Nabi, name, poetry, sweet, Sweetness, tasty, zikr

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