Let the spirit of Qurbani continue through out the Year - Glenwood Musullah

Jumuah, at Durban on October 18, 2013

The spirit of Qurbani & sacrifice should continue for the whole year by sacrificing our time, wealth, energy & resources for the upliftment of the Deen of Allah & in the service of the Ummah of Rasul SAW . Our purpose in life should not only be centered around our personal well-being and that of our close family & friends but we should develop within us the spirit of volunteerism, sacrifice, sharing, caring & giving which was found in our pious elders & predecessors, such as Hazrat Sufi Saheb, etc. (R). We should not ask what the Ummah can do for us but we should ask what WE can do for the Ummah!

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Tags: caring, centered, elders, energy, giving, pious, Qurbani, Rasul, sacrifice, sharing, spirit, sufi saheb, time, ummah, upliftment, volunteerism, wealth, well-being

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