Quraan Hifz - Miraculous proof of the Truthfulness of Islam - Hifz Jalsa - Orient Hall

Special Programme, at Durban on May 12, 2013

The 1st Hafiza of Islam was Hz A’isha (RA). This is sufficient inspiration for our young girls to memorise the Quraan. Enemies are trying to degrade our beloved mother, so it is important to study her life. When a girl (female) completes Hifz generations to come will benefit. When we were connected to the Quran, Islam was dominant. We became weak when our connection to the Quran was cut off. In Russia an old woman gave a box of filled with jewellery for a copy of the Quraan, which she had never seen in her life

Duration: 00:42

Tags: A'isha, benefit, connected, degrade, dominant, enemies, female, girls, Hafiza, inspiration, islam, jewellery, miraculous, mother, old woman, proof, Quraan, Russia, truth, weak

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