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Jumuah, at Verulam on November 27, 2020

The need of the time is to connect ourselves to Kitabullah (Qur’an). Like a drowning person, hold onto the ‘rope’ of the teachings and guidance of the Qur’an to be rescued from the increasing ocean of fitnah! One of the most authentic English Tafsirs (commentary) is the Ma?ariful Qur’an written by Mufti Shafi Sb (R) comprising of 8 volumes… but, is there any desire or interest in keeping at least one authentic Tafsir in our homes? Alas, the tendency in today’s time is to get rid of kitabs, some even being discarded whilst brand new! The enthusiasm for reading and learning is leaving the Ummah, and when this happens, we will go into a state of ignorance, Allah save us! Read the authentic Tafsirs of the qualified Ulama to understand what Allah is saying to us in the Qur’an. In Surah 39 (Az-Zumar), Ayats 53 – 61, Allah ?Ta’ala gives the Believers 3 emphatic instructions: Never lose hope in Allah’s mercy as He forgives all sins, repent with a complete repentance and thereafter, comply with His orders and commands. Allah Ta’ala then mentions 3 excuses that those who did not take heed will make, but which will be of no avail on the Day of Qiyamah! For the Believers, Friday is not a ‘black’ day; because our hearts become brightened with all the ‘specials’ of the A’maal of ‘Bright, White Friday’, which are available all year round! Don’t buy what you don’t need, with money you don’t own (and on interest – a major sin!), to impress those you don’t like! In Deen, Zuhd (ascetism) and Qana’ah (contentment) – the opposite of materialism, is emphasised; in this lies peace of mind and tranquility of heart.

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