Old is gold, if only you knew!

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on November 5, 2020

In the poetry, ‘Darse Ibrat’, Hazrat Khwaja Sb (R) in a captivating manner explains the realities of life and death. ‘This world is not a place to attach our hearts; this is a place of lesson and admonition.’ Do we need any greater reminder than the upheaval in the world to teach us about the fragility of human life? Pleasure, pain, sickness and health; everything in this world is temporary in nature! First came the carefree days of childhood innocence, next the ‘madness’ of youth, which can make or break a person’s life, thereafter the middle ages. Then comes old age with so much of suffering, as Hazrat Haji Imdadullah (R) used to say, ‘Youth is gone, life is gone.’ The young cannot understand the elderly’s complaints, until they experience it themselves… but, the grave stones show that the majority don’t even make it to old age! In this materialistic world of self-satisfaction and instant-gratification, taking care of the elderly is seen as a burden. They are left in old age/frail care homes to pass the remaining years of life in loneliness and depression. If they are ‘taken care’ of, it is without the spirit of khidmah (service), respect or appreciation. Rather than being treated with tolerance and patience, they are treated with irritation, reprimands, and resentment. Where are those loving children and grandchildren who are supposed to make their khidmah?! They pass their days with the Du’a on their lips, ‘Ya Allah, don’t make us dependent on anyone, don’t make us a burden!’ Those who have got someone who is old, have got gold! Make it ‘big time’ - in Barakah and rewards - in dunya and Akhirah by taking care of them, if only you knew and understood!

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