A Visit to the 'ICU' of Hz Hakim Ahktar Sb - Karachi Report Back (Radio Islam)

Special Programme, at Durban on January 29, 2013

The Khanqah of Hazrat is a spiritual ICU. Paralysed & confined to his hospital bed, Hazrat Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Sb's is so weak at present that he can barely speak. Crowds of people from around the world throng at the door of this great Wali to see him for a moment make salam & benefit from the barakaat & spiritual blessings that continue to flow. The spiritual activities of the Khanqah continue 24/7 under the mentorship of Hazarat's son, Hz Ml Mazhar Sb.

Duration: 00:14

Tags: Ahktar, barakaat, Blessings, confined, hakim, icu, khanqah, Mazhar, Muhammed, paralysed, Salaam, spiritual, wali

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