The Power of the Sunnah

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on February 8, 2013

We can never truly understand the value of the Sunnah until we reach Aakhirah. The reward of a hundred martyrs is for the one who revives a Sunnah...Why? Because the purpose of Shahadah(martyrdom) is to protect & promote Islam, so, to bring alive a Sunnah is to protect & promote Islam. The victories of the Sahaba(RA) & the awe they commanded was the result of holding fast to the Sunnah. Their difficulties turned into ease by implementing the Sunnah of turning their gazes away from Asbaab (means) to Rabbul Asbaab & begging of Allah's Help.

Duration: 00:28

Tags: , Aakirah, alive, Asbaab, holding fast, martyrdom, power, promote, protect, Rabbul Asbaab, revive, sahaba, shahadah, Sunnah, value

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