Understanding The LINK Between TABLIGH, TA'LEEM & TAZKIYAH - Stanger

Islahi Majlis, at Stanger on February 4, 2013

Amongst the efforts of Tabligh & Ta'leem of Nabi (SAW) Allah speaks about the effort of Tazkiyah which formed an integral part of the mission of Nubuwwah. He worked on the hearts of his people, in preparation for a day in which nothing will benefit man except a pure heart (Qalbun Saleem). Today, his mission continues in the Suhbat (company) of the spiritual doctors, where lives are transformed. By linking ourselves to all 3 efforts (Tabligh, Tazkiyah, Ta'leem), we will attain perfection in our Iman & save ourselves from destruction.

Duration Naat by Qarie Pandor: 00:05
Duration Main: 00:55

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