Quran our saviour from Corona

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on March 19, 2020

A tiny virus, invisible to the eye has brought the world to a standstill. All?h Ta’ala is giving us a big wake-up call and a warning: Take heed - the time for the reckoning of man is approaching, but alas! People are still in a state of heedlessness! The Covid19 virus is like the tip of an iceberg in relation to the many dramatic events to come in the world, when the 10 major signs of Qiyamah manifest themselves. The purpose of these events is to shake us out of slumber and bring us to a state of preparedness, in terms of our Deen and Akhirah. This is a blessing in disguise for the Believers, as it has brought about revolutionary changes in our lives, and opened our eyes to the many bounties of Allah which have been taken for granted, e.g. Baitullah, Raudha Mubarak, Masajid, Ijtimas, the Ulama, Mashaikh and gatherings of Deen. Nevertheless, a Believer is never despondent no matter what the conditions are around us; always look forward to better days ahead! These days will pass, but the important thing is whether we will go back to our past, or are we going to ‘save’ the changes? ‘Lockdown’ is an opportunity for families to bond, every home becoming a Masjid, Khanqah, Markaz and vibrant spiritual centre. It is important to hold onto A’maal, such as the morning and evening Du’as, Durood Shareef, Istighfar, Salaatul Hajat, etc. We have the Aayaat of Shifa and the Du’as from the Qur’an; what is Corona in front of the Qur’an, provided we have Yaqeen?! Whilst adopting the means, develop the Yaqeen (conviction), ‘Allah is with me, Allah is watching over me, Allah is my guardian and protector,’ and be at ease resigning one’s matters to Allah Ta’ala.

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