Regular spiritual medication ensures spiritual health - Avondale Musallah

Zikr Majlis, at Avondale Musallah, Durban on February 6, 2020

The night of Jumu’ah is great just as the day of Jumu’ah is a big day. Allah SWT grants us these occasions in our weekly, monthly and annual schedules to revive our dying batteries and infuse us with Ruhaniyah (spirituality). When Ruhaniyah is lacking in the Ummah, we become vulnerable to the attacks of shaytan, nafs and all kinds of deviation and misguidance, Allah save us! Ruhani Quwwah (spiritual strength) is what gave the people of the past the ‘cutting-edge’ and victory over those who were superior in terms of physical and worldly means, and this is achieved by engaging in spiritual A’maal (actions). Spiritual ‘medication’ has to be adopted with a certain ‘frequency’, such that in the 24 hours of the day we receive an adequate ‘dose’ to infuse our lives with Ruhaniyah. Hazrat Shaikh Zakariyya (R) mentioned that by doing a little before and after every Salah, you will go very far! In this age of spiritual decline, the objective of the Majalis that are held is targheeb (encouragement) to adopt a spiritual programme with regularity and punctuality. Sukoon (peace) of heart is not a 5 minute affair once a week; it must be developed such that even in the midst of crisis, a person is in a state of spiritual tranquility. When it comes to a spiritual programme, don’t self-‘medicate’; it is best to connect yourself with an authorised spiritual guide and adopt their expert ‘prescriptions’ to achieve the inner peace the whole world is searching for!

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