Good attributes, evil attributes – Brief Explanation Part 2

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on February 3, 2020

The objective of the Khanqah is a lofty matter i.e. Tazkiyatun-nufoos (purification of the soul) and Tahzeebul-Akhlaq (rectification and reformation of character). The A’mal-Zahirah (outer actions), such as Salah, Zikr, Zakah etc., are compulsory and meritorious, but the acceptance of these deeds depends on the purification of the heart. Then, every action a person does is infused with a level of purity and divine acceptance, and will weigh heavily in the Scale of Deeds on the Day of Qiyamah. In the eyes of Allah SWT, value is attached to the quality of actions more than the quantity, and actions are the receptacles of Ikhlas (sincerity), which gives it true value! It is for this reason that Mashaikh stress the importance of developing Akhlaq-Hameedah (noble qualities) and eradicating Akhlaq-Razeelah (evil qualities). Maqaamat refers to attainment of lofty attributes to a level of permanency, such that it is entrenched in the heart and becomes reflexive and part of one’s disposition. It is necessary that one who enters the path of Tasawwuf understands these lessons so that the path can be traversed in the light of Ilm (Knowledge), and with understanding and conviction. Mashaikh have enumerated approximately 26 Akhlaq-Hameedah, and 18 Akhlaq-Razeelah. We should aspire to acquire complete Islah (reformation), such that our hearts become pure and illuminated and all darkness and hardness is removed totally, the result being greater acceptance and rewards for our A’maal on the Day of Qiyamah!

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