Spiritual states in the journey to Allah

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 9, 2020

Poetry: Jalsa e qurbe muhabbah

The spiritual highs and lows are the states and conditions a person has to endure in the journey to Allah SWT. Sometimes Allah SWT takes a person through the ‘scenic’ route of ease and enjoyment, and sometimes through the ‘desert’ of difficulty and pain, but the main objective is to reach the destination. The ‘routes’ to reaching Allah SWT is equivalent to the number of souls on earth, but the principles of the ‘journey’ will be more or less the same for all. Despite the sorrows and worries on the path of Taqwa, the Ashiq-Sadiq does not become disillusioned or despondent, but remains steadfast and patient until he is successful in reaching his destination. If due to a mistake or shortcoming, a black mark of sin appears on the ‘garment’ of his heart, he washes it out with the tears of repentance, so profusely until no trace of the sin remains. The Hadith Sharif explains that without repentance, blackness accumulates in the heart with each sin committed, causing spiritual ‘blindness’. A person’s understanding then becomes distorted rendering him unable to distinguish vice from virtue, Allah save us! With tears of remorse and regret on wrongs perpetrated, anyone can draw close to Allah SWT, therefore looking down on or mocking the sinner is a dangerous spiritual ‘abyss’. There are countless cases of the outwardly pious who slipped and fell from the Straight Path, and the sinful but humble, whom Allah accepted and used for His Deen!

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