Advices for the bereaved family

Special Programme, at Durban on November 8, 2019

From before birth to after death, every aspect of a human’s life is covered in our beautiful Deen. Death is one phase of the long journey of the Akhirah, from our temporary abode of dunya to our original home of Jannah, but we have to work our way back! By leading our lives in this world in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah, we activate the ‘home button’ which will navigate us on the correct path to our destination. When someone departs from a family, it leaves behind a void in the heart. Sabr, which should be from the first moment of grief, will be rewarded very highly by Allah SWT. By reading ‘Innalillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon’, one is reminded that everything has a limited time span and grief is lightened. For a few days, everyone remembers the deceased and sheds tears, but the important thing is not to forget them thereafter! Alas, the state of affairs is such that already at the Qabrastan and at the Mayyit house there is an atmosphere of casualness – an indication we have forgotten our duty and responsibility to our deceased. About to enter a new world of accountability and reckoning, the deceased is like a drowning person who we should be rushing to aid! Make Dua-Maghfirah for them, speak about their goodness and conceal anything negative. Read Qur’an and give Sadaqah, conveying the reward to them. Close family should remain behind at the graveside for a duration, reading Qur’an as a comfort for their deceased at a time of great anxiety. Attend to their outstanding matters such as debts or missed obligations. and take care of their remaining family - the deceased will express happiness and gratitude on this when meeting them in the Akhirah!

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