Enjoy real life by adopting the Sunnah

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on November 7, 2019

Allah SWT made it such that 12 Rabiul Awwal is the day of the birth and demise of Rasulullah (SAW), so that the Believer remains within the bounds and reflects on his life from birth to death. Remembering his life should take us closer to him and increase our compliance with his Sunnah. To make claims that we are the true lovers of Nabi-Kareem (SAW) requires evidence, and that is the test! Empty words and slogans won’t hold weight in the Court of Allah SWT. His true followers live by the beautiful teachings he propogated. If every Muslim had to live by the example of Rasulullah (SAW), the world would be a different place. Muslim societies would become an embodiment of Jannah and people will feel an attraction to Islam. Alas, it has to be said that the opposite is being witnessed in today’s world, the repercussions being suffering, misery and chaos. If each individual makes a firm intention to revive the teachings of Nabi-Kareem (SAW) we will begin to see a difference in our own homes, families and societies, but if we expect the Ummah to change without us changing, how can the Ummah ever change? Respond to the invitation of Allah and Allah’s Rasul (SAW) to the true way of life, filled with the peace and contentment the world is desperate for. Any other way is just a shadow of existence. By living like Rasulullah (SAW), keeping a clean and pure heart we will get a taste of Jannah on earth, and we will become worthy of Jannah in the Akhirah!

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