Overcoming the grief of the death of a beloved one - Ismail Residence, Overport

Special Programme, at Durban on October 21, 2019

Allah SWT in His Wisdom made the world an imperfect place – where there is the enjoyment of the rose, there is the pain of the thorn - so that our hearts don’t become attached to it. If we understand the nature of this world, when any kind of grief or sorrow overtakes us we will not become overwhelmed. Allah SWT puts His servants through difficulty so they become humble and remorseful and turn to Him broken-hearted. He then showers them with many favours and pulls them closer to Him. Allah SWT warns us in the Qur’an: ‘We will certainly test you’. If anybody could have escaped loss, it would have been the greatest of all, Nabi-Kareem (SAW), but Allahu-Akbar! Hardly anyone could say they have experienced the loss that beloved Nabi (SAW) experienced in his life! Allah SWT made him go through those losses so the Ummah can reflect and take consolation from his example in their suffering. Allah SWT also teaches us in the Qur’an how to deal with these losses – ‘Seek help through Sabr (patience) and Salah’. Allah SWT will make it easy for us to deal with loss, and to prepare for our journey of the Akhirah, by holding onto the following 7 prescriptions:
1. Sabr – adopt Sabr from the first moment to attain the highest level of reward
2. Salah – read 2 rakats Salah to connect with All?h SWT and strengthen oneself spiritually
3. Read ‘Innalillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon’ – this reminds one that we all belong to All?h and have to return to Him
4. Make Du’a-Maghfirah for the deceased whenever they are remembered - this benefits us and them!
5. Send Isalus-Sawab for the deceased – read 70 000 1st Kalimah, Qur’an, Surah Yasin and 12 times Surah Ikhlas and convey the rewards, as well as any other good deed
6. Follow the good example and actions of the deceased – when done on behalf of a deceased parent, this is a means of compensating for missed rights and being counted as obedient to them
7. Meditation – despite our sadness, think of the happiness of the deceased having gone to a better home

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