Valuable lessons from Karbala - Musjid Ansaar - Pretoria

Special Programme, at Pretoria on December 1, 2012

Never has the world seen such a tragic event like the martyrdom of the 'prince of Madinah', Sayyiduna Husayn (RA) the beloved grandson of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW)... killed by those who claimed to be from this Ummah. With the hype around 'Karbala' in our era, it is imperative that we learn & understand the many events that lead to this massacre & to maintain the correct Aqeedah & azmat for all Sahaba (RA). The legacy of their purity of heart, fervour for Khidmat of Deen & paying for Jannat with their lives, is a lesson for us. As for Shahaadah (martyrdom), the blood of which watered the gardens of Islam, it is a thing aspired, cherished... CELEBRATED if achieved..., NOT MOURNED!!

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Tags: Aqeedah, azmat, celebrated, Husayn, Karbala, Khidmat, killed, lessons, Madinah, martyrdom, mourned, Nabi, not, prince, sahaba, tragic, ummah, valuable

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