Salah – Key For All Treasures - Masjid Bibi Khatija - Demat

Zikr Majlis, at Demat on September 19, 2019

Allah SWT makes mention of the importance of Salah throughout the Qur’an and also gives many warnings regarding the neglect of Salah. Rasulullah (SAW) mentioned Salah countless times in the Ahadith, to the extent that even in the last few minutes of his Mubarak life on earth, he imparted the advice, ‘O people, be conscious of your Salah’. Five great benefits of Salah have been enumerated in a Hadith:
1. Allah SWT makes the sustenance of a person easy
2. A person will leave this world with Iman
3. Protection from the punishment of the Qabr
4. Easy reckoning on the Day of Qiyamah
5. Crossing the Pul Sirat at the speed of lightning and entry in Jannah without any reckoning
Our Masjids should be full, not just on Jumu’ah, 27 night of Ramadan and Eid day, but for every Salah! When the level of restlessness comes into Muslims that Salah time is Salah time and everything in the world can wait, people will respect us, because such a level of discipline and devotion is admired. The power of a Muslim is in Salah! The house wherein Salah is read, Barakah, happiness, Sukoon (peace), Muhabbah (love) and respect is found and there is protection from shaytani asaraat (effects). Through the 5 daily Salah, the ‘ghusl’ of the Ruh from mistakes and wrongdoings will be done, so that at the time of Maut we reach Allah SWT pure and clean and with our Iman intact, the best achievement of a Mu’min!

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