Re-ignite the Love for Allah - Masjid Noorul Islam

Zikr Majlis, at Durban on September 12, 2019

Ashaar: Jis Pe Hota Fazle Rahmaani

The sign of All?h SWT’s special mercy upon a person is that All?h SWT guides him and puts him in circumstances through which he is protected from all satanic actions and deeds. Otherwise, a person becomes the victim of nafs and shaytan, becoming distanced from All?h’s closeness and landing in the gutters of evil and sin. The Auliya Allah emphasise adopting the Sunnah appearance, to be recognised as a Muslim which is a strong barrier against commiting sin, at least publicy. The wealth of the love for Allah SWT is found in the hearts of the ‘Rabbanis’ – those who are connected with Allah SWT. The person who connects himself to the friends of Allah SWT finds direction in life. Shaytan finds it difficult to mislead him, and even if he slips and falls, immediately there is a hand he can hold onto, to pull him up and put him back on track! As for the person who wants to live his life with liberty, distancing himself from the pious, shaytan becomes his guide, Allah forbid! The great personalities in Islam did not achieve such status through ‘DIY’, but were trained, nurtured and mentored by expert spiritual guides. The friends of Allah SWT shatter the desire to commit sin, breaking the heart and gaining the sweetness of Iman. Through their company, the heart achieves a perpetual light and splendour which cannot be described!

Duration Naat: 00:08
Duration Main: 00:26
Duration Zikr: 00:07
Duration Dua: 00:09

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