The centrality of the Masjid in the life of a Muslim -Glenwood Masjid

Zikr Majlis, at Glenwood Musallah on August 29, 2019

The establishment of a house of All?h SWT in any part of the world is an occasion of happiness and optimism for the Believers. The fact that our Masjids are running out of space and further facilities are required is a sign of the vibrancy of Islam! Every Masjid is a ‘substation’, connected to the main ‘power station’ of Baitullah, which receives its spiritual ‘power supply’ directly from the Arsh of Allah! Those who frequent the Masjids are connected to this ‘power grid’ drawing spiritual ‘power’ to their homes, whereas those who don’t are unfortunately in a state of spiritual ‘load-shedding’. Masjids belong to Allah SWT, the status of Masjid land being such that it includes every part of the seven earths below and the seven skies above and will form part of the land mass of Jannah! Nabi-e-Kareem ?, in accordance with the way of the Ambiya AS, made the first mission upon arrival in Madinah the establishment of the Masjid. Hazrat Abu Bakr RA purchased the land for the Masjid, the Sahaba being astute investors in the tijarah of the Akhirah. Nabi-e-Kareem ? himself participated in the ‘labour of love’ building Masjidun Nabawi Shareef – a simple structure from which light spread to every corner of the world! The Masjid should be a hive of Islamic activities, humming with acts of worship of Allah SWT and a center of bonding and brotherhood for the Muslim community, through which the Ummah is strengthened.

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Duration - Main: 00:49
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