Invitation to Baitullah - Al Ihsan Musallah, Ibnis Rd

Zikr Majlis, at Al Ihsan Musallah, Ibnis Rd on July 11, 2019

We are only one month away from the five days of Hajj, therefore there is a lot of emphasis on the aspects of Hajj. Notwithstanding the fact that many are not going or have already been for Hajj, there is still a lot of reward and benefit in these discussions. A person should never feel despondent about having the means to go for Hajj. All that is required is to have a burning desire to be there, the rest is in All?h’s hands! Thinking of the Haramain Shareefain is an act of reward, and in this way everyone can go for a spiritual Hajj! The inspiring incident of Abdullah ibn Mubarak is a means of optimism and hope in how Allah SWT can appoint an Angel to do Hajj on behalf of a person with a fervent desire! Hajj is an Ibadah that encompasses the whole Ummah, as despite not being there, a person’s heart is beating with the Hujjaj. The passion, love and attachment with this great pillar of Islam must be in our hearts until our last breath. Poetry is discussed which captures the experience of the fortunate, who will be afforded that first gaze at the ‘magnificent sight’ of Baitullah, by which ‘the hearts of all creatures are set alight’. The eye of the lover drowns in streams of tears, flowing at the dream materialised, washing the darkness of sin from the eyes and all pain from a sorrowful heart. Every glance at Baitullah is a high form of Ibadah, which awes and humbles a person. The pleasures of the world can never compare to the joy of one moment at Baitullah, holding onto the ghil?f of the Ka’aba, begging for mercy, forgiveness and the bounties of Allah!

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