Good start to Ramadan

Zikr Majlis, at Amanzimtoti on April 25, 2019

Ashaar: Betha hoon Masjid e Nabawi Mein

We are transported on the wings of Iman with the poetry, ‘Betha hoon Masjid e Nabawi Mein’, to the beautiful atmosphere of Masjidun Nabawi Shareef, moreso in the month of Ramadan, the fragrance of which is drawing nearer! Allah SWT has made providing Iftaar for the fasting person an act of great reward. There is more enjoyment in feeding than in feasting! The fervour and beautiful hospitality of the people of Madinah should be the aspiration of every Mu’min! Charities and service to the poor and needy are deeds that attain one closeness to Allah. Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to spend freely in the path of All?h SWT, in emulation of Nabi ? whose generosity in this month was like a fast blowing wind! Make the intention this Ramadan not to miss a single Taraweeh Salah (a great Sunnah of Nabi ?) in which we get the unique opportunity of listening to the Qur’an being read from cover to cover, the drops of mercy which descend filling the ‘bowls’ of our hearts! I’tikaf is another great Sunnah which each person should have heartfelt desire to fulfil, at least once in a lifetime. Ramadan is the spiritual ‘wedding’ of the Believer, therefore prepare ourselves well in advance by making a proper timetable and eliminating all frivolous activities, as this is one month to be given fully to Allah SWT. By warmly welcoming the royal guest of Ramadan, we will receive the beautiful ‘gifts’ it brings!

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