Preserving the family structure

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on April 19, 2019

The family structure in the Western world is in stark contrast to what Islam teaches. That is a world full of individuals with a hedonistic mind-set, whose motivation in life is only fun and enjoyment. This is diametrically opposite to what we are taught. There are millions of orphans who nobody has taken responsibility for. Orphanages are the outcome of the disorder that is brought about without the divine order that has been enjoined on Mankind. Islam has encouraged big families. In the small families, with the new-age mind-set, nannies are employed, thus children’s attachment to their parents is weak. Then when parents are old and need assistance, the children find it convenient to place them in old-age homes. Writers and philosophers are now promoting family as they are realising what they have lost. The more we implement Deen in our lives, the more peace, love and joy we will experience in this world and even more in Aakhirah. Husbands have a greater responsibility of maintaining the family. The father needs to see to the character building, Islamic upbringing, manners and adab of the children. These have dwindled because of the lack of family structure. Parents are the source of Rahmah and barkah in the home. Nabi’s (SAW) love for every family member of his is an example for us. Islam teaches us to live as united whole, with all our relatives- extended family, in-laws and foster families. There is a greater reward for spending on family than on others. We should never break family ties no matter what. We should maintain ties even though they break ties. Be the ‘best’ connection!

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