Winter - The "Spring" of a Believer

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on April 8, 2019

‘Winter is the ‘spring’ of the Mu’min’, as Allah SWT gives the Believers a wonderful opportunity to gain in this season in terms of spirituality. The nights are long to engage in various acts of Ibadah, whilst still affording adequate time for sleep. The days are short and the weather suitable, therefore easy to fulfill nafl, qadha or even kaffaarah fasts. We may be required to make wudhu in the cold weather with cold water, which is a means of additional reward and forgiveness of sins according to the Hadith of Nabi ?, provided it is a complete wudhu. Winter is also an ideal opportunity of engaging in charitable work, by assisting the poor who may not have adequate clothing and blankets. A Muslim should be a means of comfort to people, as the best of those in the eyes of Allah SWT are those who are the source of greatest benefit to people. Allah SWT has given us these opportunities in our country to care for the needy and indigent. Those in countries where there are no poor are in a challenged position, being unable to give charity and even having to discard excess food, an act of great disrespect and ingratitude for the rizq of Allah SWT, the result of which is poverty for generations! Lesson is taken from the extent to which the Akabireen would respect and value what Allah provided, as well as their consideration and compassion for the general public and makhluq. As the servants of Arhamar-Rahimeen (the Most Merciful of merciful ones) and the followers of Rahmatulil-Alameen (mercy unto the universe), we should be embodiments of mercy and Allah Ta’ala in turn will direct His mercy towards us!

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