NZ mosque attack - Love trumps Hate

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on March 22, 2019

The speech given by the Imam, himself a survivor of the terror attack last week, was delivered in a public park and attended by 1000’s. The Imam delivered a very profound and universal message. Today, in place of the terrorist who was filled with hatred, he sees love, compassion and mercy. The world can see, we are broken-hearted but united. The martyrs did not die in vain. Allah uses this as means of reviving Islam. Allah has shown us throughout history that after every such tragedy Islam becomes alive in the world. Islamaphobia has resulted in the death of many across the world. It is an attempt to create fear in people for Muslims and everything connected to Islam. This tragedy is a kind of victory for Islam, in that around the world people are asking about Islam. But, we must also play our part and fulfil our responsibility. We must do the Dawah, not only by words, speeches and publications, Dawah it about our character, conduct. People want to see Islam in reality. Three things we need to do: 1. Spread the salaam. 2. Feed the people: reach out to the poor, by providing a shelter we could win the hearts of an entire family. 3. Make Dua for the hidayah & guidance of those who have shown compassion and even for the enemies and haters. Allah guides who so ever He wishes.

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