NZ mosque attack - the way forward

Jumuah, at Musjid-Al-Hilal on March 15, 2019

Today is a dark day for the Ummah, and though we are separated by thousands of kilometres, we feel the same pain as the families of the shuhada. The similitude of this Ummah is that of a single body- so when one part of the body is in pain, the entire body experiences it. Whilst we are heartbroken, shattered and overwhelmed with sorrow, we should remember that they are the fortunate ones. What a noble and lofty death! On jumuah, with Wudhu, in the Musjid and in the month of Rajab! Allah selected, chose and honoured them, and granted them a lofty death of shahadah. This act of terror could have major repercussions across the world, but how should we react? Ten points regarding the plan of action: 1. Vigorous dua- for all those affected. 2. Reach out to the community of New Zealand- send emails to the leaders condemning this terrorist act. 3. Isaale thawaab for the marhoomeen. 4. Sadaqa- when tragedy befalls us we should attract the mercy of Allah by giving. 5. Read Hifazat Duas and Ayatul Qursi after every Salah. 6. Enhance security around the Musjid, be vigilant. Places of worship should be places of peace and security. 7. Don’t overreact to these occurrences, not every Christian or New Zealander is to be blamed. We are people of integrity and justice. 8. This is Anti- Racism week - racism is the evil monster that gives birth to hatred and prejudice. Make an effort to remove all forms of it. 9. This is a wakeup call for the Ummah. The time has come for us to reaffirm our commitment to Islam. Shun all things that are against Islam in our weddings, etc. 10. The youth are reckless and negligent. These things come to shake us out of our slumber. We are the ambassadors of Islam. We have to give Dawah to all and sundry. This is our mission and purpose on earth in which we are falling very short.

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