Justice in inter-personal relationships

Jumuah, at Houghton Masjid West Street on March 1, 2019

Allah Ta’ala admonishes us so that we may take heed and implement injustice. This is a six - point formula, the first being the principle of justice. Justice is a vast concept which encompasses rights, dues and duties. It includes fulfilling the rights of Allah, His Messengers, His Books, the community, humanity and animals. This is our purpose in life- upholding justice by fulfilling the rights of people. The difficulty arises when there is a conflict. There are three things in establishing justice: the Messenger, the Book and the Scale. The two major obstacles in serving justice are the emotion of love and the emotion of hate. We should stand up for justice even if it is against our own interests.
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Tags: 6, admonishes, Allah, animals, books, community, conflict, difficulty, dues, duties, emotion, formula, hate, Humanity, implement, inter-personal, interests, justice, life, Love, Messengers, obstacles, Point, principles, purpose, relationship, rights, scale, six

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