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Zikr Majlis, at Masjid As Siddique (North Beach Jamaat Khana) on February 21, 2019

Allah SWT has stated in the Holy Qur’an, ‘We have shown man the two paths. You can either choose the path of righteousness, piety and gratitude, or the path of sin, transgression and ingratitude. Allah SWT wants us to choose the right path, therefore He has made it incumbent for us to request in every Rakah of every Salah, ???????? ?????????? ?????????????? - ‘O Allah, guide us to the straight path’. The right path is one leading to Allah’s mercy, blessings and ultimately Jannah, whereas the wrong path is that of Allah’s anger, destruction and ultimately hellfire, Allah forbid! Jibra’il (AS) described Jannah as being such a beautiful place, no one will ever want to stay away from it, and Jahannam as such a dreadful place, no one will ever want to go into it! Allah SWT then concealed Jannah with the ‘curtain’ of hardship and difficulty, and Jahannam with the ‘curtain’ of desires. Seeing this, Jibra’il (AS) expressed fear that most of Allah’s servants will choose the ‘curtain’ of desire over that of hardship, landing them in the hellfire! The path of Jannah is one of sacrifice, e.g. the struggle against the desire to sleep to awaken for Fajr Salah, but if we persevere we will find enjoyment in the freshness of a new day and the presence of the Malaikah who witness the morning recitation of Qur’an. Fight the urge to live a ‘free life’ by ‘confining’ ourselves to righteous deeds with determination and steadfastness, knowing that behind this ‘curtain’ is Jannah!

Duration Qiraat - Qr Naeem: 00:03
Duration Naat - Qr Naeem: 00:04
Duration Main: 00:17
Duration Zikr - Qr Naeem: 00:11
Duration Dua: 00:06

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