3 advices of Abu Darda RA on his death bed (1/2) - Stanger Jamiah Masjid

Jumuah, at Stanger on February 15, 2019

Abu Darda (RA) conveyed the Amanah before he passed away. We too must convey and propagate as much as possible. Nabi (SAW) advised him three things: 1. Make Ibadah as if Allah is in front of you. 2. Live in this world like you are a dead person- he doesn’t argue or mind anyone’s affairs. 3. Beware of the curse of the oppressed one. Abu Darda (RA) was of such a lofty position that Nabi (SAW) was informed of his coming to accept Islam. He had beautiful qualities. In Uhud he defended Nabi (SAW) against the enemy. He was regarded as amongst the six most learned people of his time. He led a very simple life- the roof of his house was so low that a person could not stand upright inside. He would say he is busy concentrating on building a very big house- the house in Jannah! His heart was attached to Aakhirah. His simplicity is an example for the Ummah. The Sahaba are our role models! We should have the highest level of respect for them.


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