Desirable Qur'anic Qualities 3/3

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on February 1, 2019

When Allah promises forgiveness and a great reward, then He will reward according to His position, mercy and generosity. Who can match Allah’s treasure, when He is the owner of every treasure of the heavens and the earth? So imagine what type of reward He will give! Those who protect themselves (their private parts) from sin- most of the vice in the world today is because of people committing immorality. Zina is a very heinous and vile act. The first punishment is that one’s family goes astray. Two things cause people to enter the fire, the tongue and the private parts. That is why Nikah is Sunnah and an obligation, so that people can be saved from this sin. Zaakireen are those who are always engaged in the remembrance of Allah. The best action is for the tongue to be kept wet with the Zikr of Allah. Those who have raced ahead are the ones who remember Allah in abundance. The purpose of the Masnoon Duas is to remember Allah Ta’ala constantly. Those who don’t remember Allah except a little are the hypocrites, while a mu’min is one who remembers Allah excessively. Every utterance of Zikr is a tree planted in Jannah!

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