Desirable Qur’anic Qualities 2/3

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 25, 2019

These are ten qualities of the Believers who will be forgiven and for whom a very great reward and compensation has been prepared. Women have been mentioned separately, to illustrate that females too should strive to imbue these qualities within them. The quality of patience is mentioned specifically because this is when a person is put through a test after which he receives his score. No human can pass through life without this quality. Sabr is not only needed at the time of a crisis or disaster, but also in Ibadah. Without Sabr, one cannot be steadfast or disciplined in order to succeed. The quality of ‘Khushoo’, the fear of Allah Ta’ala, which is to be conscious of Allah Ta’ala’s greatness, to be aware of His power and His control over us every second of our lives. This prevents a person from displeasing Allah Ta'ala. The Mutasad-diqeen are those who spend freely in the path of Allah. Allah will be generous with those who support the causes of Deen, poor family members, masajid etc. Allah multiplies it 700 times or more! Our spirit and fervour should be like that of Sahaba radiallahu anhum. We don’t have to be wealthy- deeds are weighed and not counted! Quality is important. We should secure our Aakhirah before it’s too late, the time of maut will be the greatest regret. Fasting is such an Ibadah that there is a special door of Jannah through which people will enter- Bab Rayyaan. Especially before Ramadan, we should increase in Nafl fasting.

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