Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 14) - Malakul Maut was perplexed

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 21, 2019

The anecdote of Maulana Rumi (R) regarding the strange incident that took place in the court of Sulayman AS is discussed. In the anecdote, a man asks Sulayman AS to transport him to a far off land after noticing Malakul Maut staring at him, only to find that Malakul Maut was instructed to take his life in that very place! Sulayman AS was granted kingdom and dominion by All?h SWT like none other and included in that was power over the wind which allowed him to transport his entire ‘platform’ anywhere in the world! This incident occurred during a time when Malakul Maut could be seen by people, however they would become upset and question him, until All?h SWT ordained in His wisdom that he would no longer be visible. The lesson drawn out of this incident is that one should not be heedless, Malakul Maut is keeping an eye on us and death is going to come at the appointed time and place. The statement of being ‘at the wrong place at the wrong time’ is based on ignorance as this is All?h’s Hukm (order)! There are those fortunate souls whose maut All?h SWT wrote in the Mubarak lands, Allahu-Akbar! None can escape the will of All?h, therefore we should prepare for the Aakhirah by putting our Huqooqullah and Huqooqul-Ibaad in order. Sahabah-e-Kiraam RA were constantly concerned about the Aakhirah, not allowing three days to go past without updating their wills for fear of being caught off-guard!

Duration: 00:34

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