Durood in difficult moments

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on January 17, 2019

It is through Durood and Salaam that the true love of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) will be generated in the heart. When that love is generated, Iman is perfected, A’maal will be perfected and this will gain a person entry into Jannah! Every person has some difficulty or problem in life and is looking for help and solutions. Durood Tunjina is a very effective and beneficial remedy, which if read 70 times will InshaAllah cause difficulties and problems to be replaced with success and goodness. Inspiration is taken from the incident in which, through the Barakah of Durood Tunjina, All?h SWT solved the problem of a family who had misplaced a passport and boarding pass at an airport within minutes! In this zamana (era), the problems encountered are much more complicated than in the past, and there is little a person can do to solve them. At such times of difficulty, first turn to A’maal by engaging in appropriate Zikr, Adhkaar or Wazifa as these are the keys Allah SWT has given us, then worry about the asbaab (means). Through the Barakah of the name of Allah SWT and Durood upon Rasulullah (SAW), Allah SWT will inspire a person and open the mind to solutions. We should praise Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW) in the best manner. The Ulama have composed beautiful poetry on the Seerah and attributes of Nabi-e-Kareem (SAW), such as the Qasidah-Tooba by virtue of which a beautiful fragrance emanated from the qabr of the composer, as well as the famous Qasidah Burdah.

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