Ramadaan – The Final moments

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 17, 2012

As we bid farewell to this month of Ramadaan, the message it leaves is quite clear – a time will come when we all will depart. And as it draws to a close, the sadness of the heart is accompanied by the worry of whether we did enough or if it was worthy of acceptance…These feelings of fear are essential, but should be balanced with hope, for Imaan is ‘baynal khaufi war raja’ (between fear & hope). These final moments are a golden opportunity to empty the heart & sincerely seek forgiveness, making a firm intention to live a life of obedience. Know that the sign of acceptance is the taufeeq of amal.

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Tags: amal, farewell, Fear, final, forgiveness, Hope, moments, obedience, ramadaan, sadness

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