Zikr Majlis - 01-11-2018

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on November 1, 2018

The crux of our purpose in this world is how to prepare for the Hereafter and how to abstain from sin and acts of transgression, which will bring about the displeasure and punishment of Allah SWT. This is a challenge in today’s times, because the temptations are so great and the opportunities are more than ever before, The answer given beautifully in the poetry ‘Mere Dunya Ulfat Salamat Rahe’ is to at all times keep the fear and scenes of the Day of Judgement in mind. When a person makes a habit of reflecting on being taken to task for his sins and having to stand in front of The Judge of all Judges and The Knower of all secrets, Allah SWT, it becomes a reality. He will not have the courage to go near sin and will crush his desires thinking of the repercussions. If he makes sincere Taubah for the sins committed, adopting the ‘eyewash’ of tears of remorsefulness and repentance, Allah SWT will forgive him and not subject him to punishment. Then a person reaches a stage where the pleasures of this world are insignificant to him, as they are mixed with umpteen pains. The pains of this world are also no pain in reality. The sweetness of the Zikr of Allah SWT becomes the enjoyment of his heart, which overtakes every enjoyment of the world. The crying and sighing of sinners and the act of lowering oneself is of high value in Allah SWT’s Lofty Court and earns His Love. In this day and age, the key to our difficulties being removed and our safety and protection lies in abundant Istighfar!

Duration Naat - Ml M Kaamil: 00:08
Duration Main: 00:28
Duration Zikr: 00:04
Duration Dua: 00:02

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