Sayyidina Hussain RA - Our Hero, Our Role Model

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on September 21, 2018

The important thing about the incident of Karbala is to emulate Sayyidina Hussain (RA) example & bring alive his qualities in our lives. Sayyidina Hussain (RA) was brought up in the lap of piety. He was extremely beloved to Nabi(SAW). A person who is the beloved of Nabi (SAW) automatically becomes the beloved of Allah Ta’ala & the entire creation. If we want to acquire the love of Allah Ta’ala, we must love Nabi(SAW), the Ahlul Bayt, the Sahaba & those who are in the footsteps of the Sahaba. An important feature was Sayyidina Hussain (RA) willingness to strive, sacrifice & exert himself in acts of Ibadah. He was extremely generous. He would spend his nights in Tahajjud, Dua & Ibaadat- even the last night of his life in Karbala, was spent in Ibadah. In the thick of the intense battle, with blood pouring, he never missed a single Salaah. His humility was such that he would even share meals with poor people, sitting on the roadside to honour their invitation. He even showed great respect, diplomacy & wisdom in correcting elderly people. When we remember the great personalities, we should try to emulate their example and make Dua & convey rewards (Isaalus-thawaab) on their behalf.

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