Pearls from Mathnavi (P. 11) - The Falcon and the Owls

Islahi Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on September 17, 2018

The Mathnavi Shareef of Maulana Rumi (R) is a masterpiece appreciated not only by Muslims, but by a great number of non-Muslims as well. Although they have not grasped the true essence of Maulana Rumi’s (R) message (i.e. Tauhid, Sunnah, following the Shari’ah and recognising Allah SWT), they derive inspiration, benefit, moral and ethical guidelines from the Mathnavi Shareef. A person, without the fundamental for najat (salvation) in the Hereafter – Iman Billah, in reality has nothing! To procrastinate, when someone is interested in accepting Islam is a grave sin and injustice. If Allah SWT grants Hidayah (guidance) to even one person through your efforts, it is better than the world and all it contains!
In the anecdote from the Mathnavi Shareef ‘The Falcon and the Owls’, the royal falcon is ill-treated and threatened when he lands amongst ruins inhabited by owls. Maulana Rumi (R) draws the lesson that the Ulama and Auliya Allah are the ‘royal family’ of Allah SWT who are under His protection. When the communities they are sent to guide don’t appreciate them or ill-treat them, it is only to their own detriment. Allah SWT wages ‘war’ against those who antagonise His friends, who may not always be recognised as they are like ‘hidden jewels’ amongst the creation, and His arsenal is unlimited! The evil consequences of such enmity, including being deprived of the Kalimah at the time of death are seen in the incidents related of those who spoke ill of the Auliya Allah.

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