Sayyidina Usman RA - a role model for Muslim businessmen

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 31, 2018

Hazrat Uthman (RA) whole life was dedicated to serving Deen. Allah Ta’ala had blessed him with wealth, side by side with generosity, which was proverbial. His life is a lesson to traders & businessmen, that when Allah Ta’ala blesses a person with wealth & prosperity, then he should not hold back but spend. When the Muslims had no access to usable water, Uthman (RA) bought off the well from a person for 35000 dirhams. At the time of Tabuk, Uthman (RA) contributed in total, 300 fully laden horses with provisions. During his Khilafah, he used his own wealth to buy off the properties around Musjid un Nabawi for the extensions. His simplicity was of a high level, never being wasteful or extravagant. He was tolerant, forgiving, humble, gentle & modest. His modesty was such that even the angels would feel shy in front of Uthman (RA). He was prepared to sacrifice his own life, rather than seeing bloodshed in the Ummah

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