Recharging the Spiritual Battery

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 23, 2012

Allah Ta’alla’s spiritual favours haven’t ceased with the close of Ramadaan. In fact, various high spiritual seasons are offered to us during the year to recharge our spiritual batteries, carrying us through to the next Ramadaan. The night of Jumuah is one of those ’seasons’, yet many fail to gain its blessings by wasting it in ghaflat (negligence) & sin. The opportunities to feel that extra Qurbe-Ilahi (closeness to Allah Ta’alla) are lots, don’t let them be lost!

Duration: 00:30

Tags: al-khaf, Allah, batteries, Blessings, closeness, durood, favours, ghaflat, jumuah, negligence, qurbe-ilahi, ramadaan, recharge, seasons, sins, spiritual

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