Haj is for the whole Ummah

Jumuah, at Musjid ut Taqwa on July 13, 2018

We are in the season of Hajj, wherein there is a lot of Noor, Baraka & Hidayah that is radiated. Allah Ta’ala’s special blessings cascade upon Baitullah, & those performing Hajj get their full share, & then it is distributed throughout the world. Whether we go for Hajj or not, the entire Ummah is connected to Hajj. We can give support, advice or help in anyway, our share will also be in the Hajj of the Haaji. Send them messages of encouragement & naseeha frequently, every good deed they do will be written in our account. Those going should seek the way from a suitable guide, because of the many challenges & temptations, which sometimes reduces the reward or even nullifies the Hajj of any benefit, Noor, Hidayah & reward. Every Haaji should strive to attain Hajj-Mabroor. We should make Dua for Maghfirah for the Haaji. They are the delegation of Allah Ta’ala, & we should have a spiritual connection with the Hujjaaj.

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