Don’t Rip Your Garment of Taqwa After RAMADAAN! (29/09/1433 - Sessions 2 & 3)

Ramadaan 2012, at Musjid ut Taqwa on August 17, 2012

The worst thing that could happen at the end of Ramadaan is to go back to square one….back to old ways. Ramadaan wasn’t sent just for thawaab – the real purpose was TAQWA. This world is a world of ‘thorns’ – Walk in such a way, conscious & careful at every step, lest the ‘thorns’ of sins scratch & hurt us. Let not the garment of Taqwa be ripped into shreds because of a don’t – care attitude. Rather, make it to end of the road carefully, where you’ll meet Allah Ta’ala scratch – free of sin. Take Allah Ta’ala’s sweet name, talk to Him, ask Him to show you the Way….somewhere it will click, Insha Allah.

Duration Sessions 2 Naat 1: 00:09
Duration Sessions 2 Naat 2: 00:08
Duration Sessions 2 Naat 3: 00:07
Duration Sessions 3: 00:29

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