Tafsir of Surah Yasin - 22nd Ramadaan-S1

Ramadaan 2018, at Stanger on June 6, 2018

Allah SWT recited Surah Yasin and Surah Taha a 1000 years before the creation of the Heavens and earth. The angels said: “Blessed be the Ummah upon whom the Quran has been sent; blessed are the hearts that memorise it and blessed are the tongues that recite it.” The benefits of Surah Yasin are many: If read when there is a fear of shortage of food, Allah SWT will place barakah therein, all needs of the day will be fulfilled and if read near a dying person, the pangs of death will be made easy.
Surah Yasin is the heart of the Quran, as it summarises all the subject matter of the Quran ie. Tauhid, Prophethood, Books of Allah SWT, Angels, Hereafter and Destiny. Thus Surah Yasin encompasses everything and the more we read it, the more the reality of the above settles in our hearts. It is like a ‘miniature’ Quran similar to Surah Fatiha.
In the 1st ruku Allah SWT takes an oath on the Wise Quran. Allah SWT grants the one who recites the Quran wisdom. Allah SWT also tells us that Nabi Muhammed (SAW) is the Messenger of Allah SWT on the Straight Path and whomsoever follows Nabi Muhammed (SAW) will be on the Straight Path. Nabi (SAW) was given the great task to warn a nation who were backwards and no messenger was sent to them yet Nabi (SAW) took this nation from complete darkness into light. The majority did not take heed due to their pride yet Nabi (SAW) made a full effort to convey the message and his reward is secure with Allah SWT. Many hearts were inclined to accept and feared Allah SWT. Thus Allah SWT revives the dead hearts and records even the effects of deeds ie good or bad.

Duration Naat - Hfz Ridwaan: 00:06
Duration Main: 00:51

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