7 unique descriptions of Ramadan in the Ahadith - Masjidul Ansaar - Lakefield

Jumuah, at Masjidul Ansaar, Lakefield on May 25, 2018

Ramadan has been described with 7 descriptions in the Ahadith. Gratitude demands that we exert ourselves in this month. Nabi (SAW) was very passionate about this month. He increased in generosity and his attachment to the Quran Shareef. Every spare moment should be used in the recitation of Quran. Allah Ta’ala has given us a golden opportunity to listen to the Quran Shareef in Salatul-Taraweeh. We should make a firm resolve not to miss a single night or even single rakaat of Taraweeh, so that a complete recitation is listened to. Just as a child is born pure after 9 months, so too Ramadan is the 9th month after which we become pure of sin like a new born child. In it is Laylatul Qadr, for which we should psyche ourselves up in advance. It is a month of Sabr, wherein a person learns to control his temper and his tongue. This is a month of sympathy and generosity, so spend in the path of Allah, for the reward of our spending now, we won’t get in any other month of the year. May Allah make it our best Ramadan.

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