Reminder of our purpose in this World - Stanger Jaamia Masjid

Jumuah, at Stanger on May 4, 2018

Allah Ta’ala has created human beings with certain weaknesses, amongst which is that we are distracted easily & we forget quickly. We are fortunate that Allah Ta’ala gives us constant reminders in the form of the Quranic verses, bayaans, programs etc, for us to remember our purpose of life on Earth. Nowadays, we forget more than before & we need more reminders than before, because the distractions too are so much more. More & more programs need to be held so that we contantly remember that Allah Ta’ala does not want us to leave empty-handed from this world & to meet Him in a state of bankruptcy. Insaan is so short-sighted & forgetful that he gives preference to things that will perish over that which will last forever. All pomp, glory & wealth is useless at the time of death. We chase after the very thing that we will have to leave behind. At the time of death it will be too late, there will be no opportunity. There are many incidents of those who were in the moment of glory, when suddenly the angel of death appeared and everything was left behind. Their arrogance and pride was of no avail at that moment. Let this Ramadan be a life-changing Ramadaan.

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