Restrictions of Deen give us true freedom

Zikr Majlis, at Musjid ut Taqwa on April 19, 2018

In the words of Beloved Rasool (SAW), the Believer in this world is in a prison and the disbeliever is in paradise. The Believer, for the short life of this world happily and willingly accepts the restrictions placed upon him, knowing he will soon be relieved from this ‘prison’ of dunya into an eternal paradise (Jannah). The Believer becomes beloved to Allah SWT when he remains within the restrictions placed upon him and his only destinations are such places where he draws close to Allah SWT. In environments of heedlessness, immorality and sin the Believer is like ’a fish out of water’, restless to return to the safety of good environments. Despite the restrictions of this world, the love of Allah SWT is an ocean which has no shore through which the Believer enjoys unlimited bounties of favours of Allah. Then, like many of the Ahlullah, outwardly a person may have little, but his heart is brimming with the treasures of Nur, peace and happiness, which is what the Believer should aspire for. We are in a season of the year (Sha’ban soon to be followed by Ramadaan), when Allah SWT’s mercies are blowing like fast winds. We should take the blessings of these spiritual winds by engaging in additional Ibadah and prepare ourselves for Ramadaan by cleansing our souls and hearts. This will propel us with that additional burst of energy required to seize the opportunities of the Mubarak month of Ramadaan.

Duration Naat - Hfz R Arbee: 00:06
Duration Main: 00:23
Duration Zikr: 00:03
Duration Dua: 00:08

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