Surah Kahf - protection against fitnahs - Marlboro Masjid

Jumuah, at Johannesburg on April 6, 2018

Allah Ta’ala mentions 4 incidents in this Surah, the 1st relates to the test of faith. Young Believers fled into a cave in order to protect their Imaan. The 2nd incident relates to the test of wealth - refers to the owner of the garden. The 3rd incident relates to the test of knowledge - refers to the story of Moosa (AS) and Khidr (AS). The 4th incident refers to the test of power - refers the mighty king Zul-Qarnain. Among the many benefits & rewards of this Surah is that between two Fridays one will be blessed with light, a noor that will guide him. Fitnahs will come upon us like rain & just as nobody can be saved except with a cover, our form of protection is this Surah Kahf. Globalization, the one- world order, the fact that the world has been reduced to a global village & the technological advances & means of communication, are all indicative to the imminent arrival of Dajjaal. If we want protection for ourselves & our progeny then we need to hold fast onto those things that Allah & Allah’s Rasul(SAW) have prescribed to us. Fitnahs can overwhelm us such that it will affect our Imaan which is our most valuable asset. We are living in precarious & challenging times & we need to hold fast to Surah Kahf and its lessons.

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